Sunset Diner – Route 422

Sunset Diner Route 422
Pictured in the 1950s

Sunset Diner (Now Family restaurant) is located on route 422 in Exeter. It has been in business since at least the late 1950s.According to the ad below they had the best Dutch Cooking. Quite a bold claim!

Sunset Diner Route 422
Sunset Diner Pictured in 2021

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7 Replies to “Sunset Diner – Route 422”

  1. It has been a long time since I’ve been there but they used to have great food. Did they cover the original diner with an updated exterior or remove it?

    1. Updated exterior shell over original. Now owned by family also owning Michael’s at junction of 422 & 662.

  2. Kempton Inn up near Kutztown had great PA Dutch food. Maybe the best in Berks County. Not sure if that is still there specialty.

  3. I believe Moore’s was across the street from the bowling alley but that was 5th street. Really testing my memory!!!

    1. I believe you are thinking of the Bellevue Diner on 222 and Bellevue Ave. That was across the street (Bellevue Ave) from a bowling alley.

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