Hurricane Agnes – 45 Years Ago Today

Hurricane Agnes caused extreme damage and loss to Berks County when it hit June, 22nd 1972. In Reading, the Schuylkill River reached a record flood of 31.5 feet. Hundreds of people were evacuated and over a hundred homes destroyed. Floods reached as far inland as 3rd street in the heart of the city. When Agnes hit, they were still in the process of constructing the Blue Marsh Dam, which was built to try to prevent flooding of this magnitude. Hurricane Agnes still goes down today as the State of Pennsylvania’s worst natural disaster. Pictures from Great Floods of Reading and Berks County – Ben Bernhart & the Reading Eagle.

Aeriel view of the Buttonwood St. Bridge, with Penn St Bridge in the background

Below are 20 never before publicly seen photos taken by my grandfather after the storm hit. Enjoy!

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