Gadgets at the Berkshire Mall

From 1982-1984 there was a cutting edge restaurant called “Gadget’s” upstairs at the Berkshire Mall. It featured animatronic singing robots as entertainment. For kids, Looney Tunes was the featured presentation. It was also targeted to adults, featuring a LaBARatory bar and evening shows as well. Below is the only footage online of the restaurant, though at a location in New York.

The idea was fairly short lived. After brief expansion to roughly 6 locations in the US, the idea proved too costly to make a profit, and ultimately closed down. According to a comment on this website, the location at the Berkshire Mall was rumored to have a particularly shady end:

Does anyone remember the shady Gadgets disappearing story? They were behind on rent (owed 10s of thousands) and just packed up and took off in the middle of the night, leaving behind lots of the fixtures in the restaurant.

Do you remember Gadgets? Do you have any images or stories to share? Can you validate the rumor of how it left? What happened to all of the animatronic pieces left behind?

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  1. I remember Gadgets well. As I recall I believe it was Porky Pig’s head falling off at one point. Must have been a real horror show for the poor kids in the audience. My girlfriend at the time (now wife) used to go there on occasion. As a matter of fact she worked at The Listening Booth at the time. Ah, the good old days.

  2. I heard John Gotti was after the owner. He eventually was whacked and found cut up into
    100 pieces on the Warren street bypass.

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