Fifth and Spring Schoolhouse

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The Fifth and Spring Schoolhouse was erected originally in 1900 (see top left) as a Victorian style school. The Spring and Church building (see top right) appears to be connected to the Fifth and Spring Building but it is not, a walkway was between. In 1926 these two buildings were conjoined to create building the main image. It was demolished in the 70s and now a Turkey Hill stands in it’s place.

Source: The Passing Scene


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Paul R .Fretz
Paul R .Fretz
7 years ago

So many memories. The build gone, washed away in the name of progress, but the thoughts linger.
This was my first School. First class room in the earthy smelling basement. Deep green hallway floor coated with glassine. Sitting on those floors against the walls for air raid drills. Peering up and out from the subterrain through the large metal framed windows. Viewing through the chain link fence along Spring St., happily sharpening a pencil. Viewing show and tell Monster models, King Kong, Wolfman and The Mummy. Later recollections of the courtyard watching the Maypole Dance, Patriotic music and Principle, Mrs. Lentz clapping time, stomping, and breaking off her high heel. Valentines Day and early new School friends. I recall the sidewalk posters promoting chest x-rays and of course lots of political billboards as this location was used for voting. The School was also a fantastic fallout shelter complete with proper signage throughout. Couldn’t believe my eyes so many years ago when it was gone.

Nanette B Merrill
Nanette B Merrill
6 years ago

Oh Miss Lentz. We called her Chin. Just like kids will make a mean nick name for a teacher or principal. Good times. The smell of pencils, cleaning fluid, and kids fresh from being outside playing.

Joey Casella
Joey Casella
5 years ago

Miss Ash was principal ( late 40’s early 50’s ) my Mom went there too


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