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  • The Ranch House

    A staple on Penn Avenue in West Lawn for nearly a half century, the owners of the Circle S Ranch House announced on March 30th that they would be closing permanently on April 8th, 2022. The building was built in 1969 as a Schell’s. It replaced the location that was further east down Penn Avenue…

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  • Ronco’s Pharmacy

    Michael Ronco, RPh first opened his pharmacy in June of 1956. The original pharmacy was located at the corner of Dwight Street and Cleveland Avenue in West Lawn. In 1967, the pharmacy moved to 3311 Penn Avenue in West Lawn, where it remained for nearly half a century. Michael retired from his pharmacy business in…

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  • West Reading Diner

    The West Reading Diner is a piece of Berks County Americana. It was established in the 1930s on the 400 block of Penn Avenue in West Reading. All the articles I can find online say it was established in 1950. Perhaps it changed hands in ownership in 1950. The sign in the below picture indications…

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  • Amity High School

    Amity High School

    Amity High School was located in Amityville, right off of old Swede Road. I can find no information on when it was built. Sports at Amity High included a Boy’s Basketball team, a Girl’s Basketball team, Baseball team, as well as Girl’s and Boy’s track teams. Other activities included Glee Club and Girl Reserve Club.…

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  • Wilson High School

    The original Wilson High School building was erected in 1929 on Grandview Boulevard above West Lawn. The first school year started in Fall 1929 and housed 7th-12th grades. The name of the school was chosen in the hope that the life of the man in whose honor it was named, Woodrow Wilson, might serve as…

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  • Holy Name High School

    Holy Name High School

    Holy Name High School’s history is directly entwined with the first catholic high school institution in Berks County; St. Peter’s Reading Catholic High. In the late 50s and early 60s enrollment at Reading Catholic High was declining, as it did not have the space or facilities it needed to attract new students. During this same…

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  • Central Catholic High School

    Central Catholic High School

    Luden’s mansion at 1400 Hill Road was purchased by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Philadelphia in October of 1939 for $45,000. Renovations were made to make the home into a school, and on January 2, 1940 Central Catholic High School of Reading opened its doors. It was the second catholic high school in the city…

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  • Defunct Schools of Berks

    Berks Nostalgia Presents The Defunct Schools of Berks Collection

    Starting tomorrow, and over the course of the next 9 weeks Berks Nostalgia is going to be publishing articles on each of Berks County’s High Schools that were defunct due to the consolidation of school systems into the larger districts we have come to know today. Most of these schools and the memories that were…

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  • Sinking Spring Borough Hall

    Sinking Spring Borough Hall

    The former Sinking Spring Borough Hall building held stores and a restaurant until the Sinking Spring Bank opened there in 1922, according to Borough of Sinking Spring 100th Anniversary by Paul and Kathy Miller. The borough then bought the building in 1963 from People’s Trust City Bank. The Sinking Spring Borough Hall was dedicated during…

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  • A 100 Year Review of Berks – Happy New Year 2020!

    Happy New Year Berks County! Not only is it a new year but also the beginning of a new decade. As we leave behind the 2010s, let’s look back on the beginning of the last 10 decades, and some of the events that we experienced together as a community during them. The past is important…

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