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  • Paper Mill Covered Bridge

    Paper Mill Road Covered Bridge

    The following images were taken in 1957 and I believe them to be depicting around the then-countryside of Wyomissing Borough. The first image has been identified, but the remaining two are up in the air. EDIT: The second image is now believed to be a covered bridge that sat in the area of the old…

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  • Wyomissing Borough Streets – 1890, 1935 and Today

    Wyomissing Borough is a community that is rich with history and ties to industry in the late 1800s and turn of the 20th century. It was a community built by the founders and businessmen who ran the knitting mills; Henry Janssen and Ferdinand Thun. It became an opportunity to house their workers so they could…

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  • The Sheraton Motor Inn

    The Sheraton Motor Inn was built in 1973, located at Woodland Ave and then Van Reed Road (now Paper Mill Road). In the year 2000, the Sheraton Motor Inn received higher status and was able to refer to itself as a hotel instead of “Inn”. It also underwent a $3.5 million dollar renovation which included…

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  • Train Derail Wyomissing 1977

    Train Derailment Wyomissing

    Photos Courtesy of Jere Stamm On Sunday morning, December 4th, 1977, 26 cars of a Conrail freight train derailment occured in Wyomissing right near the intersection of Clayton and Penn Avenue. The train was bound for Bethlehem from Harrisburg, and was carrying coal. Workmen this morning were still clearing away the tangled metal and spilled…

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  • Weiser Lake – The “Mine Hole”

    Below are aerial photos of Weiser Lake aka the Mine Hole near Wyomissing/West Reading. The first was taken in 1932, when the Reading Hospital Building was brand new. Pictured in the distant right is the Berkshire Knitting Mills. Before the Hospital expanded there was a small lake that sat where the current 7th Avenue garage…

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  • Old Iron Bridge Connecting Wyomissing & West Lawn

    This iron bridge was on 422/Penn Ave connecting Wyomissing and West Lawn. It was built in 1926 and replaced an older, smaller iron pony-truss bridge. Only two “overhead bowstring bridges” like it are known to have survived in the state of Pennsylvania.* One ended up being placed on the Horseshoe Trail at Scarlets Mill in…

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