What ever happened to Carrols?

According to Berks Nostalgia followers, there were quite a few Carrols Restaurants in Berks County. They were located in Sinking Spring, on Penn Avenue where the current notary shop is; also in Muhlenberg on 5th Street, and on Lancaster Avenue.

Carrols Restaurant

Carrols Restaurant Group is an American franchisee company that was founded in 1960. The original Carrols chain ceased operations in the United States in the mid-1970s. The last unaffiliated Carrols Restaurants existed in Finland. The chain was eventually bought out by another Finnish fast-food chain, Hesburger. In 2012, Hesburger announced that the brand Carrols would be discontinued.

Carrols Restaurant

An offshoot of the Tastee-Freez company, it was named for the daughter of Tastee-Freez co-owner Leo Marantz, Carol.

Herb Slotnick bought the franchise rights for the New York area and started opening restaurants in the Syracuse, New York area in the early 1960s. They expanded over the years throughout New York State. During the 1960s, a yellow slug character served as Carrols’ first mascot, replaced in 1974 by a young blonde boy wearing a tweed suit and a Fedora hat.

Most Carrols restaurant locations were converted to Burger King franchises in 1975, with less profitable stores shuttered. –Source

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  1. I worked at the 5th and Centre Ave Carrols as a high school kid in 1973-74 much to my parents dismay. My dad said “You’ll work the rest of your life, why do you want to work now when you don’t have to?” Kids!

  2. There was one in Sinking Spring (across from McDonald’s) at the sharp right turn to go up Mull Ave. The structure still stands but it is a Tag Shop.

  3. My first job ♡ I worked at Carrolls at 5th & Centre Ave location, I lost my job due to affirmative action when it became Burger King

  4. I remember going to the Carroll’s in Sinking Spring, early 70s. At one time you could pay extra to get soda in a Looney Tunes “real” glass. We collected them and I have a set.

  5. My brother and I preferred Carrols to Micky D’s and went there often (5th Str. Highway in Muhlenberg Township). Another fast food place I liked was the Red Barn on Lancaster Avenue. It is also long gone.

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