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  • West Reading Diner

    The West Reading Diner is a piece of Berks County Americana. It was established in the 1930s on the 400 block of Penn Avenue in West Reading. All the articles I can find online say it was established in 1950. Perhaps it changed hands in ownership in 1950. The sign in the below picture indications…

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  • Penn View Motel

    Penn View Motel

    The Penn View Motel was part of a chain of nine establishments called Host Ways Motels. It was built in 1965, and along with the other 8 locations boasted the mid-century modern pyramid. It was located on the block between 2nd and 3rd Streets on Penn Avenue in West Reading. The striking blue pyramid would become a landmark of…

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  • Weiser Lake – The “Mine Hole”

    Below are aerial photos of Weiser Lake aka the Mine Hole near Wyomissing/West Reading. The first was taken in 1932, when the Reading Hospital Building was brand new. Pictured in the distant right is the Berkshire Knitting Mills. Before the Hospital expanded there was a small lake that sat where the current 7th Avenue garage…

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  • West Reading Hotel

    The West Reading Hotel was built in 1819 on land originally owned by John and William Penn. For 145 years in was a meeting place and social scene for locals and travelers. It stood at 527 Penn Avenue until July of 1964, when it closed its doors for good. A development firm demolished the hotel…

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  • West Reading High School

    West Reading High School

    The West Reading High School building was built in 1914 at the corner of 4th and Franklin Streets. It was the beginning of the secondary education for youth in the Borough of West Reading. It housed 7th-12th grades. In 1923 an addition to the original building was added to accommodate an expanding population. An auditorium,…

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