Then & Now – 1100 Block of Lancaster Ave

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1100 Block Lancaster Ave - 1970s
Photo by Ron Ciervo – 1970s

Pictured is looking toward Reading on Lancaster Ave also known as 222 business. You may remember the Red Barn Restaurant, which then became a Chinese restaurant called Golden Chopsticks. It went out of business sometime in the early-mid 2010s.

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Rodney Speiss
6 years ago

I might be wrong, but I think Red Barn went out of business long before 2010 and was replaced by a Chinese place that I think was called Golden Chopsticks. They had wonderful hot and sour soup. After they went out of business, it was replaced another restaurant somewhere in the early to mid 2000’s and when they closed, it was replaced by the Auto Sales place.

Byron DiPaolo
Byron DiPaolo
5 years ago

The Red Barn was the greatest……I grew up two blocks away on Fern ave and would always go there as a kid. Also great was the Hardees that was where the Ford dealer is now, across from V&S. Thank God V&S still is there!!

2 years ago

What was at the red barn before the Red Barn

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