Simotas Dairy Bar

UPDATE: thanks to the fine people of facebook we have identified the name! It was Simotas Dairy Bar! Below are a few more pictures courtesy of the “You Know You’re From the Mifflin Area” group on Facebook.

Does anyone know remember name of this ice cream place? It was located roughly a bit south of Shillington on the old 222. It was destroyed when they turned old 222 into a highway.

Photo Courtesy of Steven Rapak

In 1984, a murdered body was dumped behind Simotas, and led to a cold case that took 20 years to finally crack.

Jan 22, 2005 Reading Eagle article

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  1. Would stop there for gyro and birch beer milkshake. Also caked a Red Bull. Long before the new Red Bull. Little did I know that young Alex Simotas would become my son in law.

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