600 Block Penn St – 1960s

The stores in this photo were located from 607 Penn (Manning-Armstrong) to 621 Penn (Thom McAn shoes). The structure at the extreme right, housing J.C. Mumma andThom McAn, was originally built as a banking house. Notice above Daniel’s Women’s Wear, at 613, the studio photographer Joseph J. Kravitz, who took many high school senior’s graduation portrait. – Photo courtesy of Richard Houck

Image from “Berks Countians; The Wonderful Way We Live”

Stores pictured from left to right:
Manning-Armstrong – Foot-Craft Shoes
J&T Brakelmann Jewelers
Minros – Golden Rule Jewelers
DeLuca’s Camera Center
J.C. Mumma
Thom McAn Shoes

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Bob Hinkle
Bob Hinkle
4 years ago

Based on the cars in the photo, it appears to be the early ’50s.

Paul Fretz
Paul Fretz
4 years ago

Vertical sign: “Arthur Murray”….School of Dance?

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