Reading Public Museum – 1950s

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Image & caption from “Berks Countians; The Wonderful Way We Live”

Mrs. James Woodward enjoys an informal afternoon reading to a group of children on the spacious front lawn of the Reading Public Museum and Art Gallery. The Museum and Gallery house an important collection of art masterpieces, as well as an impressive scientific and historic collection. A particularly appealing feature is the garden surrounding the handsome building that borders the Wyomissing Creek. Here young children delight in feeding the ducks and swans that inhabit the area,.

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Jerrilyn Carter
Jerrilyn Carter
5 years ago

Always went to the museum in the spring, especially Easter Sunday, er walked around and fed the ducks and had a beautiful Sunday day. I also went inside to see everything in there and to this day I love going to see the special displays they have going on. The museum was part of my life growing up!

Jess Drezner
Jess Drezner
5 years ago

I actually fell into the pond back in 1956.

Gil Sheidy
Gil Sheidy
3 years ago

Anybody know when the Atrium was built? Thanks.

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