Mt. Penn Diner

Mt. Penn Diner

The Mt. Penn Glass Front Diner was located at the east end of the Lindbergh Viaduct. It was located at 2101 Howard Blvd in Mount Penn. It was eventually turned into an Arner’s Restaurant, which was then sold as well in the mid-2000s. Now a Pizzeria stands in its place.

Mt. Penn Diner


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Bob Hinkle
Bob Hinkle
5 months ago

Was it also called the Lindbergh Diner at one time, or am I confusing its location with its name? After we moved out of the area, my wife and I would make it a point to stop there (by that time it was Arner’s) on the way to visit my parents to pick up one or more of their delicious pies. Raisin crumb was my favorite.

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