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  • Christman’s Ice Cream

    Christman’s Ice Cream was located along the west side of 4th Street (what now is Rt. 61 before the split) in South Hamburg. It was incorporated on May 25th, 1933 by Charles T. Christman. There were two other shareholders listed as well on 1933 business charter; Robert B. De Godt of Reading and Irene Steffy…

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  • Ontelaunee High School

    Ontelaunee High School

    Ontelaunee High was located in Leesport PA, right along Centre Ave or Route 61. The original High School building was built in 1914. An addition was added in 1939. Ontelaunee High’s mascot was the Indian and the colors were red and yellow. Dear Ontelaunee, We are all thy people.Thy name to us means pride and…

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  • Miracle Mart – 2101 Centre Ave

    Miracle Mart was a 50,000 square foot department store on Route 61/Centre Ave in North Reading. There is very little information online about Miracle Mart or its origins, besides that there was a more well-documented and unrelated Canadian department store chain by the same name. Looking at aerial photos of the area leads me to…

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  • 5th Street – 1971 Then & Now

    Below are Aerials shots from 1971, showing what Fifth street highway/Route 61/Kutztown Road looked like just north of the city. A few of the notable  structures are the Reading Fairgrounds, Bellevue Diner, and Gethsemane Cemetery. The Warren Street Bypass was also noticeably not extended past 5th street at the time of this photo. Five years…

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  • Reading Municipal Memorial Stadium

    Municipal Stadium hosted it’s first baseball game in 1951. On March 28, 1945, Reading City Council voted unanimously to purchase 27 acres of ground known as Cathedral Heights at a cost of $64,491 for the purpose of building a municipal stadium. In 1947 the grading of the land began and by 1949 the initial stages…

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  • Senft’s Store

    Walter A. Senft’s Store at 2911 Centre Ave, also known as the Pottsville Pike or Route 61. Walter purchased the property in 1914 and developed it into a General Store & Grocery business that included a gas pump in front. Thanks to the large amount of steam and coal trucks that regularly passed by, his…

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