Paper Mill Road Covered Bridge

Paper Mill Covered Bridge

The following images were taken in 1957 and I believe them to be depicting around the then-countryside of Wyomissing Borough. The first image has been identified, but the remaining two are up in the air.

EDIT: The second image is now believed to be a covered bridge that sat in the area of the old Paper Mill on what is now Paper Mill Road and crossing the Tulpehocken Creek.… Read Full Article

Wyomissing High School

Old Wyomissing High
Old Grade School at Trent and Belmont Avenues – was Institute of the Arts, recently renovated into condos

In 1908, the Wyomissing school district was founded, with classes being taught in a private residence. In 1909, the district’s first building was completed on Belmont Avenue. Students attended 1st through 11th grade at the building on the corner of Trent and Belmont Avenues.… Read Full Article