Reading Girl’s High School

Reading Girls High School
Reading Girl's High School
Reading Girls High School Building – 1926
Reading Girl's High School

The Reading Girl’s High School was established in 1895 at the old Reading Academy building on 4th and Court Streets. The building was originally built in 1839, and occupied by an all-boys private school called the Reading Academy until 1853. Between 1853 and 1894 it was a public school institution named City Union High School.… Read Full Article

The Park Theatre – 1016 Penn St

The Park Theater opened November 11, 1926, and it was closed by a fire on May 19, 1978. The theater was demolished the following year.

James S. Maurer operated the theater as a X-rated movie and live burlesque house, and in 1964 he was arrested along with two strippers in a raid by the Reading police.  In the late 1950s and 1960s, the raids were fairly common. … Read Full Article

The Reading Station Outlets

The Reading Station Outlets were opened in 1992, to try solidify Reading’s status as “Outlet Capitol of the World”. Unfortunately due to the decline of the city most shoppers preferred to go to the Vanity Fair Outlet stores that were located further outside of the city in Wyomissing/West Reading.

The Reading Station Outlets

By 1995 the owners of the property defaulted on their mortgage and lost control of the complex.… Read Full Article

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