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  • Distelfink Freeze – Rigg’s Drive-In

    Distelfink Freeze aka Rigg’s Drive In was another 1950s and 60s refreshment establishment and was located near Fleetwood. It was located on route 222 roughly 2 miles southwest of Kutztown. It was located along route 222 near the old Lincoln Tavern in part of the area torn down to make room for the Kutztown exit…

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  • Monterey Inn

    Monterey Inn

    The Monterey Inn was built in the 1920s on the foundation of a building destroyed by a fire. It was located along Route 222, right before Church Road bears right in Maxatawny Township. It was originally built sometime after the 1830s by Isaac L. Bieber. Before and after burning in the 20s, it served as…

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  • Glockenspiel Restaurant

    The Glockenspiel Restaurant

    The Glockenspiel was a landmark Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant in northern Berks County. It originally dated back to 1751, built as a two-story farmhouse and later added on dining facilities and offices. It was located along Route 222 between Fleetwood and Kutztown. The restaurant specialized in Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine, and served a famed fruit & cheese…

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  • On this Day – August 17th, 1976

    Above the fold in the August 17th, 1976 Reading Eagle Local girl is crowned bowling champion.. Issues arise with city development… Kutztown Fair kicks off… Microwaving…the next big thing?

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  • On This Day…May 3rd 1991

    Above the fold in the May 3rd, 1991 Reading Eagle In entertainment…

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