On this Day: October 20th, 1973

Reading’s 7th Street isn’t really a street, it’s railroad tracks. And these railroad tracks will cut through the purposed Penn Mall. Edward Sulzberger, the proposed mall developer, has said he would prefer the tracks not be there but can live with them. Meanwhile, other redevelopment officials feel the tracks may become an asset in the future if mass rail transit becomes a booming business.

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Socialist Park in Sinking Spring

Socialist Park, now known as Willow Glen Park, was created in 1929, under socialist Reading Mayor, J. Henry Stump. In it’s heyday, it boasted a dance hall, and a roller-skating rink.  Today, the park hosts large local events, including the Apple Dumpling Festival in June, Berks Celtic Fest in July, and Shocktoberfest, a halloween scare attraction September through October.

Socialist Park Sinking Spring
Picture Courtesy of the Passing Scene

Birch Wilson at the Dance Hall at Socialist Park…aka Keller’s Park and Willow Glen Park…West end of Sinking Spring…South Side of Route 422 West and Park Avenue…on the border of Sinking Spring Borough and Spring Township:
The Depression that followed J.

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JFK Campaign Stop Berks | 1960

JFK Visits Berks
JFK Visits Berks – Driving past Conrad Weiser High School

John F. Kennedy (JFK) made a campaign stop in Berks County PA on September 16th, 1960. He was a presidential candidate at the time of the visit, and went on to win the presidency. JFK spoke the a huge crowd in Penn Square after making a parade all the way into town down Route 422.… Read Full Article

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