The Reading Fair

The Reading Fair had it’s first fair in 1854 at Penn’s Commons, in what is now City Park. It wasn’t until 1915 that the Fair was held at it’s most remembered location in Muhlenberg Township. They built a Horse Race Track and grandstands which were opened to the public in 1916.

The fair was hugely successful, and remained successful due to its availability of transportation being near both Reading and the Pennsylvania Railroad lines.… Read Full Article

The Shillington Diner

The Shillington Diner can trace its roots back to the farmers market located at Museum Road and Lancaster Ave that opened in 1935.

The Shillington Diner

The Shillington Diner (later Restaurant) was built onto the market at 100 W Lancaster Ave and opened in 1948. In the beginning it just sold simple lunch foods for hungry customers visiting the market. It was torn down in the early 2000s and replaced by a Wawa.… Read Full Article

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