Berks County Hockey Complex

Opened in as Western Berks Street Hockey in the fall of 1977 and went through several changes in name and ownership, Closed in 2005 as Berks County Hockey Complex. This little floor hockey arena hosted many local games over the decades. Located on Krick Lane across from the Sinking Spring Drive-In (pictured in background of second pic)

Berks County Hockey Complex
Berks County Hockey Complex

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  1. Played at Berks Deck Hockey in Sinking Springs, great time, made a lot of friends.. played in the Longest Playoff game out there…7 periods, lost 4-3…. Sanders Funeral Home VS The Guardsman…

  2. It opened in the 1970’s. I started playing there at the age of 5-6 yrs old. Manged it up until it closed. Sorry to see it sit there and rot. So many memories .

  3. Played there from 83 until ut closed loved the game and the rink .miss playing outside but still play in Pottstown at 50

  4. Played there from September of 1979 til closing . So many fond memories!!!! It’s where alot of us grew up. I miss it so bad 😢. It really does almost make me cry when i drive by. Is it me ? Corny i know but it’s how i feel.

  5. Opened as Western Berks Street Hockey in the fall of 1977 and went through several changes in name and ownership.

  6. Wish someone would bring a place like that back for today’s youth. Those were the days. I remember sitting on the boxes watching the Bad News Bears on the BIG screen. Memories!

  7. Started playing there arnd 1983 … good times … great friends …. awesome hockey … played on multiple teams and watching a drive in movie from the lot in between games…

  8. Won the tournament of champions there in 1984 in ot. We came in from long island with no hotel reservations, there was a big flea market the same weekend. We slept in the parking lot on friday night, all hotels were booked. Local police came by and offerrd us the jail. We declined. 😀. There was a food market next to the rink that had an outside bbq set up, great food.

  9. This place made lifelong friends out of competitors. To this day I can not go anywhere with out running into someone I played with or against and now we just laugh and enjoy enjoy the memories.

  10. If anyone has any pictures of the hockey complex and would be willing to allow me to make copies, please let me know.we have reopened the complex and have turned it into an RC Park. I know the Hockey Complex was an important part of a lot of people’s lives and I would like to honor those days with pictures in the store.

  11. Not sure why it says opened in 1993? This rink opened in 1976! My Pizza Hut team won the 1st Cadet League championship & then I started my Temple Dairy Queen team in 1977 which went on to win Fteshman League & Senior ‘A’ League championshios until 1980 when I entered the Navy & moved to San Diego.

  12. Would LOVE to find, and have been searching for photos of Foscone’s Go-Karts which was right next to the Sinky Drive-In.
    Looking for about 20 years for pics of that fun place but no luck.

  13. OH HOLY COW!! I played here when it first opened in ’77. Our team from Mt. Penn rocked!! What great memories.

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