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  • Birdsboro High School

    Birdsboro High School

    The first sources of education in Birdsboro was founded in 1820 when a “Pay School” was established. However, not until 1872 was the first public high school organized. Its curriculum was similar to Grade 8 in the year 1945. The original high school building was called the Washington Building and was located on W. 2nd…

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  • Miller's Cafe Birdsboro

    Miller’s Cafe – Birdsboro

    Warm Inside – The steps are icy, but the welcome was always warm in the Miller’s Cafe in Birdsboro. The business grew over the last 100 years from a grocery store, which sold homemade ice cream and roasted peanuts, to a bar and restaurant that specialized in soups and seafood. – Eagle Photos Miller’s Cafe…

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