Linette Candies

Linette Candies is a local chocolate candy company especially known for their “Betcha Life” candy bars. They used to be located at the building shown below at 105 Washington Street in Reading. At some point they moved to a larger location in Womelsdorf. According to;

Linette Quality Chocolates was founded in 1927 as a family-owned seasonal chocolate novelties producer.Read Full Article

The Reading Fair

The Reading Fair had it’s first fair in 1854 at Penn’s Commons, in what is now City Park. It wasn’t until 1915 that the Fair was held at it’s most remembered location in Muhlenberg Township. They built a Horse Race Track and grandstands which were opened to the public in 1916.

The fair was hugely successful, and remained successful due to its availability of transportation being near both Reading and the Pennsylvania Railroad lines.… Read Full Article

West Reading Hotel

Pictured in 1948

The West Reading Hotel was built in 1819 on land originally owned by John and William Penn. For 145 years in was a meeting place and social scene for locals and travelers. It stood at 527 Penn Avenue until July of 1964, when it closed its doors for good. A development firm demolished the hotel and replaced it with a shopping complex.  … Read Full Article

Danny’s Den and the Berks County Record…

I was sent this image a few months ago by a reader. The picture/content is interesting in itself, a relic of the 50s. However I noticed that it wasn’t from the standard Reading Eagle. It looks like there was some sort of weekly paper called the Berks County Record? It was formerly called the Reading Record before 1959. Does anyone have any information on this paper and/or how I might go about finding copies of it?… Read Full Article