Penn Township High School – Bernville

Penn Township Consolidated School building, built in 1930

On Monday, September 2, 1907, the Bernville High School began its first classes. Many local schools established around the turn of the 20th century were the result of borough funds, but that is not the case for Bernville High. It was only introduced by an act of the state legislature appropriating money for township high schools to be established.… Read the rest

Far East Chinese Restaurant

Far East Chinese Restaurant
Source – pictured in 1967

In 1920, the very first Chinese cuisine restaurant opened in Berks County at 739 Penn Street in Reading by Chee Yuen Hong and his father Sik Que Hong. Back then it was called the Far East Tea Garden and was ran by various members of the Hong family through the following decades and moves. In 1929 the family moved the restaurant a block away to 837 Penn Street where it remained for over three decades and became Far East Chinese Restaurant.… Read the rest

Holy Name High School

Holy Name High School’s history is directly entwined with the first catholic high school institution in Berks County; St. Peter’s Reading Catholic High. In the late 50s and early 60s enrollment at Reading Catholic High was declining, as it did not have the space or facilities it needed to attract new students. During this same time Central Catholic’s population was booming; a record 1400 students attended Central Catholic the year before Holy Name opened its doors.… Read the rest

St. Peter’s Reading Catholic High School

St. Peter’s Reading Catholic High

Before Holy Name, or even Central Catholic, there was another Catholic High School in the city of Reading. St. Peter’s Reading Catholic High, or more well known as just “Reading Catholic High” was located at 225 South 5th Street in Reading.

St. Peter's Reading Catholic High
Reading Catholic High classroom in 1945

St. Peter’s Reading Catholic High was founded in 1911 and in 1914, the first graduating class received their diplomas.… Read the rest