Five Years

Downtown Reading 1970s

Hard to believe I launched this site half a decade ago today. As with any milestone it is time to reflect on the past five years of how my content has transformed and grown.

There are currently over 7000 of you following along between email subscriptions and social media platforms. This is roughly the digital equivalent of me standing on stage of a sold-out Santander Arena every time I publish something…but I try not to think about that too much.… Read Full Article

Living through History

When I was a kid, learning about history in class, I always wondered if the common people living through the events we were studying had any idea of the significance of what they were living through. How did they feel about it? Were they afraid? To them, it was an uncertain time, but many trudged about their everyday lives anyway. What was the alternative?… Read Full Article

Berks Nostalgia