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      I absolutely love your YouTube channel.

      my friends and I would go up to the Witches Hat all the time back in the early 2000s. It wasn’t until years later I learned that was Neversink Mountain. I’ve since been back and they cleaned up the mountain quite a bit including the area at the hat.   Back when we went it was really creepy and hard to get to.

      I spent lots of time on that mountain and found all sorts of cellars that still existed built into the mountain. I remember one night I got lost up there for hours and just found this one decent sized house completely in the woods. No road or anything leading to it wild.

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      Alexa Freyman

      Thanks Curt! I’m just seeing this so sorry for the late reply. I was hiking up there a little over a year ago and made my way to the Witches Hat. It’s definitely a little bit of a trail destination now but its still a cool overlook. As far as the random house…that is creepy! Did you go inside? was it abandoned? thats right up my alley and would make for a fantastic video!

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