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      The most beautiful high school ring from 1947 was found in an old box. It’s classic clean lines and simple color combination make it a keeper. It has an Art Deco overtone and I fell in loveRing from 1947 with it as soon as I saw it. Such a fun piece to wear and I thought someone out there may get a kick out of it. I’m not giving it up though so treasure hunters need to start digging through old boxes!!! I was going to post it picture but it won’t let me😩

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      Alexa Freyman

      Hey there, sorry I am just seeing this now. You can shoot an email of it to me at [email protected]
      I’m also going to work on fixing the forums so you can post a photo. stay tuned

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      Alexa Freyman

      You should be able to add an image by using the button all the way on the right of the toolbar on top of the text box. You can also attach a file at the bottom of the text box. Let me know if you have any further problems

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