West Reading High School

West Reading High School
West Reading High School
Pictured in 1936

The West Reading High School building was built in 1914 at the corner of 4th and Franklin Streets. It was the beginning of the secondary education for youth in the Borough of West Reading. It housed 7th-12th grades.

West Reading High School

In 1923 an addition to the original building was added to accommodate an expanding population. An auditorium, gymnasium, study hall, science labs and additional classrooms were added to the high school.… Read Full Article

Hurricane Agnes – Berks County’s Worst Natural Disaster

Hurricane Agnus - Reading PA 1972 - Schuykill River

Hurricane Agnes caused extreme damage and loss to Berks County when it hit June, 22nd 1972. In Reading, the Schuylkill River reached a record flood of 31.5 feet. Hundreds of people were evacuated and over a hundred homes destroyed.

Floods reached as far inland as 3rd street in the heart of the city. When Agnes hit, they were still in the process of constructing the Blue Marsh Dam, which was built to try to prevent flooding of this magnitude.… Read Full Article

Berkshire Knitting Mills

Berkshire Knitting Mill

In 1892, “Textile Machine Works” was founded by Ferdinand Thun and Henry Janssen on Cedar Street in Reading. In 1886 they accepted an offer to relocate to Wyomissing, where they were sold a site for $1, in hopes their industry would spur interest in building lots. In 1899 they incorporated as the “Reading Glove and Mitten Manufacturing Company”. By 1906 Berkshire Knitting Mills was incorporated, formed as an experimental mill by Thun and Janssen, to test the knitting machines Textile produces.… Read Full Article

Then & Now, Buttonwood Street Bridge

The Buttonwood St. Bridge was built in 1931 to connect the Northwest part of Reading with West Reading, near where Wyomissing Industries were located.  $225,000 was donated to the bridge project by Ferdinand Thun and Henry Janssen, whom were owners of the huge textile mills in Wyomissing. They believed this bridge would help their workers who lived in the NW area of Reading get to work more easily and help them be on time.… Read Full Article

The Vanity Fair Outlets

The Vanity Fair Outlets were established first as Reading Glove and Mitten Manufacturing Company in Pennsylvania in October 1899 by John Barbey and a group of investors.
The H.D. Lee Company (now Lee) was acquired by the company in 1969 and the corporate name was changed to VF Corporation, a fictitious name that is not even legally registered, to reflect the more diverse product line.… Read Full Article