Foscone’s Sir Goony Golf

Foscone's Sir Goony Golf - Sinking Spring PA
source – Pictured in 1967

It was located on Penn Avenue in Sinking Spring, right next to the old Sinking Spring Drive-In, where there is now a Redner’s Quick Shoppe. Foscone’s Golf Center was in operation from 1969 until sometime in the mid-80s. Have images of the original location?? Please email them to me! [email protected]

Foscones goonie golf
Free Game tickets photo Courtesy of Robin Adams Kiebach
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Boscov’s West Fire

In 1962, the company began its expansion program with the opening of an exciting, contemporary “Boscov’s West” in November, located at 3564 Penn Avenue in Sinking Spring/West Lawn.

 Boscov’s West caught on fire on November 20th, 1967 only 5 years after it had opened, and ironically the same exact day Boscov’s East, the newest venture was opened. It was determined to be started by an ember from the incinerator.… Read Full Article

The Sinking Spring Drive-In

Sinking Spring Drive-In Theatre
Sinking Spring Drive-In

The Sinking Spring Drive-In was opened on August 3rd, 1955. It was considered a first-class operation at the time of it’s opening. Those driving east on Route 422 from Wernersville could see the screen from nearly a half a mile away.

Shortly after it’s opening, it was bought by Fox Theatres of Reading, PA, whom also operated the Reading Drive-In and the Mt.… Read Full Article