Sinking Spring Area Historical Society and Heritage Park

The Sinking Spring Area Historical Society and Heritage Park began in 1977 when the Society was organized.  In 1978, the Save Our Station Committee organized for the purpose of saving the former Sinking Spring Station and Freight House.  Today the combined organization is dedicated to preserving the area’s history and maintaining the historic buildings in Heritage Park. 

Sinking Spring Aarea Historical Society
This vintage view was taken in the early 1900’s of the Sinking Spring Station at its original location near the Railroad House Hotel.
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Sinking Spring High School

Sinking Spring High

The Sinking Spring School was established on the plot of land next to the railroad tracks, between Vester Place, Columbia Avenue and Woodrow Avenue in 1894. Four additional rooms were added in 1902 and high school classes began being offered in 1904. Unfortunately, the original structure was gutted by a fire in the early Monday morning hours of December 26th, 1921.… Read Full Article

Sinking Spring Borough Hall

Sinking Spring Borough Hall

The former Sinking Spring Borough Hall building held stores and a restaurant until the Sinking Spring Bank opened there in 1922, according to Borough of Sinking Spring 100th Anniversary by Paul and Kathy Miller.

The borough then bought the building in 1963 from People’s Trust City Bank. The Sinking Spring Borough Hall was dedicated during the Borough’s 50th birthday celebration between June 16 -23, 1963.… Read Full Article