Simotas Dairy Bar

Simotas Dairy Bar 222 Shillington

UPDATE: thanks to the fine people of facebook we have identified the name! It was Simotas Dairy Bar! Below are a few more pictures courtesy of the “You Know You’re From the Mifflin Area” group on Facebook.

Does anyone know remember name of this ice cream place? It was located roughly a bit south of Shillington on the old 222. It was destroyed when they turned old 222 into a highway.… Read Full Article

The Shillington Diner

The Shillington Diner can trace its roots back to the farmers market located at Museum Road and Lancaster Ave that opened in 1935.

The Shillington Diner

The Shillington Diner (later Restaurant) was built onto the market at 100 W Lancaster Ave and opened in 1948. In the beginning it just sold simple lunch foods for hungry customers visiting the market. It was torn down in the early 2000s and replaced by a Wawa.… Read Full Article

Dempsey’s American Kitchen

There was not a lot of information to be found on Dempsey’s American Kitchen online. Only this article from 2005 about the restaurant location in Bethlehem being closed. They headquartered in Reading, but there were 14 locations eventually opened (and subsequently closed) around the region in the 60 years prior to this location closing in 2007. It was the last of the Dempsey’s to be closed.… Read Full Article

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