On this Day… Feb 14th, 1970s

Happy Valentines Day! Lets take a look at past Reading Eagle’s to see if love was in the air in Berks in the 70s. If you recognize any of the faces in this article, comment!


Valentine's day 1970s

Valentine’s Day is extra special this year for Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Wendling of 111 2nd St., Shillington. This is the first Valentine’s day they share as man and wife.

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Berks County Christmas – Day 18 – Remnants of Toyland

The 5’6″ Santa below stood in Pomeroy’s famous 6th floor “Toyland”.Do you remember this Santa from your visits to Toyland as a child?

Apparently some Berks County resident inherited the Santa, and was curious on what it was worth, but needs proof that it indeed was from Pomeroy’s Toyland. You can read the dialog from the source website below:

QUESTION: When Pomeroy’s, a department store located at Sixth and Penn Street in Reading, Pennsylvania, closed, my mother-in-law purchased the five-foot six-inch high Santa that was featured in Pomeroy’s Toyland and may have appeared in its window displays.

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On this Day: October 20th, 1973

Reading’s 7th Street isn’t really a street, it’s railroad tracks. And these railroad tracks will cut through the purposed Penn Mall. Edward Sulzberger, the proposed mall developer, has said he would prefer the tracks not be there but can live with them. Meanwhile, other redevelopment officials feel the tracks may become an asset in the future if mass rail transit becomes a booming business.

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