The Reading Airport

Opened as a civil airport in April 1938, Reading Airport was used by the United States Army Air Forces First Air Force as a training airfield during World War II. In the 1950s Reading Air Services sponsored the National Maintenance & Operations Meeting, better known as the Reading Airshow, and later Reading Aerofest. The annual airshow was one of the largest in the United States through the sixties and seventies peaking at 100,000 in attendance in 1976.… Read Full Article

Wyomissing High School

Old Wyomissing High
Old Grade School at Trent and Belmont Avenues – was Institute of the Arts, recently renovated into condos

In 1908, the Wyomissing school district was founded, with classes being taught in a private residence. In 1909, the district’s first building was completed on Belmont Avenue. Students attended 1st through 11th grade at the building on the corner of Trent and Belmont Avenues.… Read Full Article

The Reading Drive-in Theatre

Reading Drive-In Theatre

 The Reading Drive-In Theatre opened on August 26, 1949. It cost 65 cents to per adult to watch “Perils of Pauline” on opening night. The Reading Drive-In was located on the 5th Street several miles north of Reading in Temple, Pa. The opening day newspaper ad boasted that the cost to build the entire outdoor theatre and amenities cost $200k. In 2020 that would equate to about $2.15 million. It… Read Full Article