The Strand Theatre – 9th & Spring St.

Located at the corner of NE 9th Street & Spring Street. The Strand Theatre was opened February 21, 1920. By 1941 it was owned and operated by Goldman Theatres of Philadelphia. It was a fairly large theatre with a balcony, and had a huge wrap-around neon lit marquee. For years it was a neighborhood double feature second run house.

In around 1968, Goldman began to program first run features.

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Fifth and Spring Schoolhouse

The Fifth and Spring Schoolhouse was erected originally in 1900 (see top left) as a Victorian style school. The Spring and Church building (see top right) appears to be connected to the Fifth and Spring Building but it is not, a walkway was between. In 1926 these two buildings were conjoined to create building the main image. It was demolished in the 70s and now a Turkey Hill stands in it’s place.… Read Full Article