Reading Brewing Company

Old Reading Beer - Reading PA

Reading Brewing Company was an American beer brewing establishment founded by Philip Bessinger in 1886 in Reading, Pennsylvania. It was located at 9th & Little Laurel Streets. It brewed and canned various beers during its existence. Old Reading Beer and Reading Premium Beer were amongst the most popular.

Reading Brewing company
Posed with a glass of Reading beer, Adolph G. Uhrig, assistant brewmaster at Reading Brewery Co.,
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Berkshire Knitting Mills

Berkshire Knitting Mill

In 1892, “Textile Machine Works” was founded by Ferdinand Thun and Henry Janssen on Cedar Street in Reading. In 1886 they accepted an offer to relocate to Wyomissing, where they were sold a site for $1, in hopes their industry would spur interest in building lots. In 1899 they incorporated as the “Reading Glove and Mitten Manufacturing Company”. By 1906 Berkshire Knitting Mills was incorporated, formed as an experimental mill by Thun and Janssen, to test the knitting machines Textile produces.… Read Full Article

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