Weiser Lake – The “Mine Hole”

Below are aerial photos of Weiser Lake aka the Mine Hole near Wyomissing/West Reading. The first was taken in 1932, when the Reading Hospital Building was brand new. Pictured in the distant right is the Berkshire Knitting Mills.

Before the Hospital expanded there was a small lake that sat where the current 7th Avenue garage sits. If you ever wondered how Lake View Drive got it’s name, it should be clear now.… Read Full Article

100 block Penn Ave: Before the Bypass

We all have driven on route 422…the stretch of highway that runs past Reading and along the Schuylkill River down to Pottstown. This stretch of road did not always exist. In fact it wasn’t until the 1960s that US 422 in the Reading area was rerouted from surface streets through downtown Reading onto bypasses built south of the city. The former routing of US 422 through the city became US 422 Business.… Read Full Article

Northeast Reading – 1931 & Now

Below are two aerial shots of the same area, in 1931 and today. The view is looking at Hampden Park (bottom right), once a reservoir and now a sports field.  Hampden Boulevard is the street to it’s left that bears right going northeast.  13th street is left of Hampton blvd, heading north.… Read Full Article

Then & Now, Buttonwood Street Bridge

The Buttonwood St. Bridge was built in 1931 to connect the Northwest part of Reading with West Reading, near where Wyomissing Industries were located.  $225,000 was donated to the bridge project by Ferdinand Thun and Henry Janssen, whom were owners of the huge textile mills in Wyomissing. They believed this bridge would help their workers who lived in the NW area of Reading get to work more easily and help them be on time.… Read Full Article